The sweet spot of a story


I’m really happy to have a great mix of work in areas that I really love at the moment – theatre, food, drinks, health and wellbeing – as well as developing my own creative work, which is what fires me up and keeps me really energised for my client work.

Of course, it’s always easier to get excited about – and good results for – things that you love, but the real secret to success – in copywriting, communications and content – is  working together to find the sweet spot of a story.

For me, the sweet spot of a story is when it all just comes together. It just fits, and works, in a way that engages with the people that really matter.

Often that sweet spot isn’t where you’d start, and it can mean a few discussions and brainstorming sessions – using different ways of telling a story and tapping into topical issues.

When you find it, it makes crafting that content so much easier – the words will just flow – and writing it becomes a pleasure.

To find the sweet spot of your story, here are a few tips:

  • Try pitching it to friends and family first – I’m a fan of the ‘how would I tell this down the pub?’ approach for everything, although you don’t *always* have to be in the pub to do it!
  • Cut out the jargon – use plain English every time. Simple doesn’t have to mean uninspiring and lifeless!
  • Read the media you want to appear in, look at what those to aspire to are doing and saying – then find your own voice and style that really makes your heart sing!
  • Keep it brief – less is most definitely more!
  • Think in terms of benefits, not features – what do you *really* have to offer?

If you’d like some more tips on how to find the sweet spot of your story and to chat about how we can work  together, then please get in touch.


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