Productive partnerships

Productivity’s been on my mind a lot this week – from getting the great news that one of my lovely clients has introduced a ‘Right to Disconnect’ policy and then being asked to talk about it in the Independent Online, to working on an event at Leeds Dock all about what it means to be a Productivity Ninja.

And of course it’s coming to the end of the month (already?!), so reports based on targets and results are at the top of my list to get together as well.

For me, creativity and productivity go hand in hand. If it’s inspiring, intelligent and innovative, combined with genuine market insight and some savvy tech implementation then the results will flow.


ninja(c) Think Productive, aka The Productivity Ninjas!

And speaking of flow, I’m just preparing to head off to work by water for the day – at the lovely Leeds Dock – followed by an evening at one of the first main social occasions in Leeds of 2017, the opening of the Victoria Gate Casino.

Because of course, all work and no play…

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