Stories – the ties that connect us…

I was lucky enough to go along to the Vibrant Leeds event a couple of weeks ago at New Dock Hall in Leeds Dock and I think it’s fair to say we all came out buzzing with ideas and ready to put some of the best ones into action, so I’m looking forward to what Grant Thornton lead on to help us all deliver on this energy in 2017 and beyond.

Everyone will have had their own experiences and highlights – 300 of us were spread across 30+ tables, each with a great mix of people with different skills and expertise – but for me the main thrill of the day was seeing just what an important part storytelling played in its overall success.

From the start of the day where we were asked to ‘pair up’ with one of our team and tell each other a story about how we’d worked on something that was significant and brought about change, through to the presentations we were asked to give at various points throughout the day.

With a couple of comms specialists and some great creative minds on our table we came up with a dream front page newspaper of what Leeds would be like in 2027.

If you’ve ever been to workshops where you’re asked to ‘pair up’ and tell your buddy some things about you and relay it to the group then perhaps you’ve found it difficult to remember a list of facts and figures, but what really struck me at last month’s event was how easily we all remembered key details about each other but also how it really helped us connect as a team for the day in a really short space of time.

Thank you again to all who were involved in the organising of this, not least for reminding me why I do what I do!

Stories explain. Stories help us understand. Stories connect.

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